Australia’s justice system includes federal, state and local tiers; from law-making to law enforcement and emergency management; each actively involved in seeking the best outcomes for the community and Australia as a whole, helping citizens to live peacefully. Our governments share a common interest in ensuring our justice sector can serve the community in the way it needs; that facilities are fit-for purpose to support and manage the many people that require contact with the system, as well as the staff who work there.

Slattery works with public justice departments, private justice developers and operators, and leading justice and community agencies to plan, design and construct new and refurbished facilities across Australia, ensuring the best possible value is always delivered.


Ararat Police Station

A new 1,700sqm two storey regional 24 Hour Police Station in Ararat situated adjacent to the town's courthouse. Facilities include specialised TMU, CIU and UB Muster offices, fingerprint and interview rooms and holding cells.


Melbourne North Police Station

A new 24 hour Police Station combining two inner city police station divisions. The building comprises of a basement car park and three levels of specialised unit offices (TMU, CIU, UB Muster), holding cells, meeting and interview rooms, gymnasium, mess and resting quarters. The project incorporates state of the art ... more